Your Guide to Ice Fishing

If you want to pull fish from the lake like an expert ice fisherman, learn from Flannel Fishermen. We will give you ideas regarding different types of fishing reels and lures, making it easy for you to catch fish.

If you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive way to socialize with friends and family during the winter months, you can’t go wrong with ice fishing. Feeling the vibration on the rod when the fish bites your lure is just plain amazing. While this is a pretty inexpensive activity, you do need to prepare a few things. Here is everything you need to know about ice fishing

  1. Invest in the right gear—If you’re just getting into the sport for the first time, the good thing about ice fishing is that, there really isn’t much needed to get started. You can just find everything you need in a local bait shop.

  2. Choose your baits wisely—Tailor your bait with what you want to catch. Your local bait shop has all the listing of what a certain type of fish is eating. Although there’s no such thing as “the lure that rules them all”, your chances of catching fish is higher with live bait.

  3. Wear proper ice fishing clothing—Ice fishing is a freezing business. You have to wear clothing appropriate for the job and by that, I mean, covered enough to be warm. It’s a winter activity and wearing winter clothes is a must.

  4. Take a shelter—Although a shelter is not a requisite for ice fishing, your experience will greatly improve if you have one. This is particularly true if there is a frequent breeze, you would definitely need a shelter to be protected from the cold.

  5. Test the ice before fishing—Please and by that, I really beg you, don’t get on the ice unless it’s at least four inches thick. Do you really have to check it yourself? With a little common sense, you really don’t have to. When you see people already on the ice, that means it’s safe.

  6. Drill an ice fishing hole

    After you’ve tested the ice, now’s time to dig your hole. Be careful with the auger blade because they are really sharp. Make sure to put enough pressure to the auger when you place them on the ice to crank it. You will hear a grinding noise and the auger will start sinking into the ice if you’re it right.

After drilling your holes and all your lines are set up with the right lures, allow it to descend down to the bottom. In order to put your lure where the fishes are, reel them up for a couple of feet. This will ensure that you can take home a catch for dinner.

But whether you got a catch or not, the most important thing to remember about fishing is that it’s not all about catching fish. It’s about enjoying the fellowship with friends and family in the great outdoor even when it’s freezing cold.

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